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About The Dogs

We offer QUALITY, REGISTERED and HEALTH TESTED dogs. We health test all our breeding stock, so we know what we are producing. All puppies who leave here are healthy, happy, well socialized and you can be sure they are top quality.

Size, Colors, Temperament, Abilities

Our favorite size is a short but still stocky Heeler.  You will find our dogs are compact built, stout, with broad heads but agile and good working dogs. We like to be able to offer something for everyone, while still maintaining what makes a HEELER A HEELER. We do not offer giant or extra large dogs as we don't feel that is what they are supposed to be. Our dogs depending on bloodline can go on to compete in AKC showing when applicable, and even shows within ASDR (American Stock Dog) or they also make amazing working dogs, agility dogs and even a few have made wonderful service dogs. We ONLY breed for traditional colors, blue (with tan) and red and are not intentionally producing "rare" colors" since we believe focus on build and demeanor is more important. We do not cross Breed dogs, ever, we strive to maintain pure dogs in our program, focusing on good traits, and not changing the breed and mixing it! We frequently make program adjustments yearly to ensure we are offering the best we possibly can. 

We like our dogs to have an "off" switch, so I have carefully bred dogs whose demeanors were balanced, and intelligent without any neurotic tendancies. We have some very great dogs who can eat a cow for breakfast, but be snuggling on the couch with the kiddos by lunch. We breed for a correct temperament first: loyal, intelligent, biddable, lovable family dog with the balance to also have a good working drive and be a fun, active companion. 


About The People

My name is Jessi, my wonderful husband is Tex, we have two great kiddos and we absolutely love life in Montana! Our family is very faith centered and we just strongly believe in a more simple life...... What better way to raise your Kids than with animals? We are a cowboy culture family so it was natural that we gravitated to heelers..... What started mostly as my own passionate hobby, has turned into a full family effort and an enjoyable fulfilling lifestyle for my Kids. We spend the majority of our day tinkering outdoors, playing with the critters on our homestead, and there is a really good chance if you catch us in the evenings, we might be around the bonfire.

We are really excited to get to know you if you choose to get a puppy from us. We take our client relationships seriously and we have forged many many close friendships that once started over a puppy sale. To us its more than that, and we love to stay updated on your pups life, and are always here to support through trials you may have and offer some friendly advice and support. Our favorite thing is staying updated on the puppies we work so hard on! We appreciate your consideration, and hope we can start talking soon! Thank you!!


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