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IMPORTANT:  We utilize payment portal for all payments unless specified. SEE GOODDOG INFO BELOW

Pricing $2500-3800 (prices will vary so please confirm!!)

Alaskan Airline Pet Cargo Program
Flight Nanny
Pick Up in person

It is important to note we will NOT refund due to logistic complications. Sometimes airline travel can be complex and require overnight boarding, which we will walk all our buyers through the process. It is my priority to ensure each pup gets to its family happy, healthy, and safe and I will help however possible including making transport arrangements myself, or holding a puppy for a period of time if need be until logistics are worked out. At this time we just ask all prospective buyers weigh this fact before completing a puppy sale because we do not issue refunds for logistic complications.

Please read the contract BELOW! We are not responsible for making sure you understand ALL TERMS of sale. ALL SALES are final once we receive deposit and or full payment either via our website, or Gooddog.coms payment portal, we will only issue you a refund if we cannot provide you your puppy. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE, AND CANCEL ANY SALE in which case you will be given a refund. If you are approved to purchase, Please thoroughly read the deposit contract. Please review our final sale copy at the bottom of the page. By sending payments for a puppy,  buyer is agreeing to ALL terms outlined on our agreement. Information:

AS OF 2023 We are utilizing GOODDOG.COM for a majority of our sales. is a platform for buyers to connect with vetted and approved reputable breeders. In order to use the functions for advertisement we are required to complete any sale with Gooddog that was started on Gooddog. This means if you send a deposit via Gooddog, we are obligated to only be able to accept the final payment via Gooddog in order to stay in good standing with Gooddog. In special cases we may be able to arrange another method of payment for deposit and final sale if you did not find us on Gooddog, please ask in advance. We appreciate your understanding.

At this time we ONLY accept checks in advance for future litters, or we can also accept them if you met us in person and paid a cash deposit. 

REGARDLESS of method of payment,

no puppy is allowed to leave until the final payment has been fully processed.

ALL DEPOSITS are NON REFUNDABLE. We ask that each person sending a deposit send a signed copy of our deposit agreement back. If you do not pick a puppy in 12 months from the time you send a deposit your deposit is forfeit. We ask any buyers who send a deposit on an existing litter, make 1-2 choices incase their first pick is chosen. Choices for pups is made around 3-4 weeks. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT FOR FIRST PICK OVER ANY LITTER. Pups are to be picked up at 8 weeks old when we plan a "litter pick up day'.. If buyer must postpone pick up we do charge $18/nightly until puppy is picked up.

PLEASE NOTE: All pricing for puppies varies per bloodline/litter - in other words, ask me ahead of time what the price will be because it may be different than current puppies available/past pricing.

WE DO NOT OFFER BREEDING RIGHTS BY DEFAULT. We sell all our puppies as PET ONLY unless specified ahead of time. If you want to breed, ask me ahead of time, and I can issue breeding rights case by case. Not each and every puppy is breeding quality so please let me assess your choice if you are wanting to breed. PLEASE ASK AHEAD OF TIME which registry your puppy comes with. We offer a few various bloodlines therefore we do utilize different registries. But the majority of our dogs are ASDR, so all our puppies are eligible for ASDR registration. We reserve the right to decline and refuse business to anyone: our puppies well being is our utmost priority. We also ask that if you ever need to re-home your puppy, CONTACT US FIRST. Per the contract you sign when pup leaves you are not to sell a puppy you have purchased from us with breeding rights EVER, unless permission is obtained, and we ask that pup be returned to me first before ever being surrendered to any animal facility or shelter. We will ALWAYS take our pups back!


We go by order of deposit recieved. We allow picking starting at 3, to roughly 4 weeks. If you do not like any of the available choices, or there are not enough puppies available, your deposit will roll to the next litter due/coming. We reserve the right to 12 months time to provide you with a puppy, although this is rare. We will always let you know what we have due/anticipated. 

UPDATED: 1/29/23


Early Deposit Form & Regular Deposit Form


    YES! We ship all over the nation. There is an additional $185.00 charge to the total of your puppy, which covers the cost of USDA Health certificate (Not the usual vet exam), the airline approved crate, and the supplies needed for flight. We fly our pups via Alaskan airlines and have always had great experiences. The buyer typically makes the reservation with Alaskan Cargo, and we handle getting your puppy ready for flight and getting all its supplies. Puppies must be a minimum of 8 weeks to fly. When you pick up your puppy at the airport, you will pay the pups ticket cost which is usually $325-350 plus tax.
  • What do you feed your puppies?
    We prefer Purina Pro Plan Puppy, or All Stages.
  • When is my puppy ready?
    Puppies are ready to go at exactly 8 weeks. Occasionally, a few days after is acceptable, but if buyer needs to delay scheduled pick up (the date we set where all other puppies are leaving, we do charge a $18/night board fee for puppy until she/he is picked up.
  • What does my puppy come home with?
    We send home a goodie bag full of toys, blanket, food, treats and your puppy will go home with the health and sale guarantee and vaccination/deworm record. If you are flying your puppy we may not be able to send as much "stuff" besides the health certificate by vet and vaccine record and blanket. We send registration papers to all owners electronically when they are in vs. a hard copy due to lack of previous buyers registering their puppies, we find doing it electronic helps registration rate of our puppies. Pups are started with some basic crate training before they go home and we encourage having a crate ready and prepared for your pups go home day. We send litters home with either ASDR, NAPR or AKC papers. We use NAPR as a pedigree holder and all our NAPR pups are eligible with ASDR with their pedigrees. If you are a breeding home, please ask us ahead of time and specify what registry you're seeking. At this time most smaller heelers are not eligible for AKC registration unless they have an AKC lineage from standard size parents.

CLICK below to view our Health Guarantee/Sale paperwork (COPY only)

Place your deposit HERE
* You do NOT need a Gooddog Account to send deposit


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